• ABJ in Journalism, Emphasis in Video Production

    1999 - 2002

    Kerr graduated from the University of Georgia in May of 2002 Cum Laude with a Bachelor's degree in Journalism with an emphasis in video production. Kerr's studies focused was on screenwriting, directing films, media production techniques for the industry, and writing/composing music to picture.

  • Studied at LaGrange College

    1998 - 1999

    When Kerr entered university, there were only a handful of programs that offered electronic film scoring degrees. LaGrange College - led by acclaimed composer and Chair of the music department, Lee Johnson - was one of the first programs to offer such a degree. Kerr began his studies with Johnson before finishing his studies at the University of Georgia

  • Studied at LaGrange High School and Academy

    1994 - 1998

    Kerr attended his early education at LaGrange Academy and LaGrange High School, graduating Cum Laude. Kerr was active in numerous varsity sports, technology studies, music studies, choir, drama, and art studies. Kerr frequently took AP classes and was a member in the majority of the extra curricular school programs and volunteer groups.


Film & Music Experience

  • Filmmaker, Musician, Composer

    1998 - Present

    Fueled almost exclusively by creativity and passion for experiencing an amazing, un-ending love story on this journey, Kerr has constantly pushed to tell stories through songs, music, film, and writing. Going under the moniker "storyteller" in his online interactions, Kerr has brought the name to life by producing a number of wedding films for clients. But, most excitingly for Kerr, he has 5 screenplays currently in various states of production and pre-production. Kerr's first big-budget film should begin principle photography in 2022, slated for release in the summer of 2023.

  • Producer/Developer of Orchestral Template For Reaper (#1 Composer Workflow Software)

    2017 - Present

    In 2015 Kerr began transitioning from producing mainstream music into composing film scores and music for media. At the time, Kerr became frustrated with the inadequacies of DAWs for managing projects with thousands of tracks in orchestral productions. So in traditional Kerr fashion, he forged ahead by developing a software suite to use with his preferred DAW (Reaper). Since his software's introduction, Kerr has garnered great acclaim as it has attracted numerous A-List composers who now use his software suite for orchestral compositions on numerous A-List releases.

  • Producer/Songwriter for ACM, CMA, CMT Award-Winning Artist Kip Moore

    2003 - 2009

    Kerr discovered Kip Moore in 2003, recognizing Moore's undeniable talent. Kerr immediately began writing and producing for Moore, providing him with the material that went on to land Moore with a major publishing deal with Brett James Music and a 5 album deal with MCA Records. Kerr continued writing and producing with Moore in his early career where Moore went on to win numerous Academy of Country Music, CMA, and CMT awards.

  • #1 Billboard Song - Producer/Songwriter for Bubba Sparxxx


    Kerr's first #1 hit came in an unexpected manner. Early on in building his relationship with Bubba Sparxxx, Kerr wrote and produced the song Deliverance. The song was later re-recorded and released with credits being given to Timbaland. The song went on to be Sparxxx's lead single, charting as a Billboard #1 hit and propelling Sparxxx's sophomore album to a top 10 debut release.

  • Live Sound Engineer for Grammy-Award Winning Artists

    1999 - Present

    Kerr has live-sound engineered (both monitoring and front-house) for Grammy-award winning acts such as Beyonce, Destiny's Child, Vertical Horizon, Sir Mix-a-lot, Petee Pablo, Bubba Sparxxx, Andre 3000, Lynard Skynard, Van Zandt Band, Drive By Truckers, Drivin' and Cryin', Gov't Mule, and The Whigs.

  • Producer/Songwriter/Live Guitarist for Cyndi Harvell Band


    Kerr discovered Cyndi Harvell while attending the University of Georgia. Chemistry was undeniable as Kerr worked closely to produce Harvell's first album and form the band which would take her name. Their first show was a smash success attracting hundreds of fans catapulting them in short time to becoming winners of their first Battle of the Bands just a few short months later.


Venture and Corporate Experience

  • Owner/CEO of Storyteller.IM, LLC

    1998 - Present

    Originally beginning as an independent consulting effort, Kerr's engagements with clients eventually evolved in form to fall under a corporate umbrella. Today, Storyteller.IM, LLC serves as the parent film and music production company for Kerr and his employees. Any engagement with Kerr will almost certainly occur through this corporate structure. Storyteller.IM, LLC also serves as Kerr's representation for contacts in the entertainment industry.

  • Chief Technology Officer and Partner of Three Buttons Down, LLC

    2019 - Present

    After penning his first screenplay in 2015, Kerr began pursing ways to disrupt the traditional film-financing model for Hollywood films. Kerr quickly partnered with successful Director and Visual Consultant, Raymond Dumas III, who had worked on such mega-budget films as Mission Impossible III, Paycheck, Noah, Taxi, Dreamgirls, The Gridiron Gang. Kerr and Dumas used their collective and extensive backgrounds to begin developing software that would reduce the number of third parties involved in the film production and financing process. In 2021, Dumas's unexpected and unfortunate passing left a gap in this space for Kerr who had hoped to use the software to propel several films in development for numerous directors into a disruptive model in the industry.

  • Chief Technology Officer and Founder of Sonalkiss, LLC

    2012 - Present

    In 2012 and enticed by tbe implications of music upon a person's health, Kerr merged his healthcare, technology, and music experiences into a vision focused on using both Eastern and Western healing methods to heal neurological degenerative diseases such as Alzheimers, Parkinsons, and auto-immune disorders. Kerr's influence on the Healthcare and Holistic communities in Nashville, TN eventually led him to be invited to serve on the Board of Directors for the Brown Center for Autism where Kerr continued to expand the technology footprint into new healing methods. Kerr developed and released two sonal-healing apps for iOS under his Sonalkiss branding as well as a Kontakt Instrument enabling musicians to use healing frequencies which are not typically found in the natural musical scales for use in their music compositions.

  • Executive Partner, Vaco

    2012 - 2014

    In similar fashion to Kerr's previous career experiences, Kerr initially began his relationship with Vaco with a short-term consulting opportunity. Upon Kerr's first interaction with Vaco, Kerr was invited to become an Executive Partner and develop out their in-house technology department. Kerr went on to spur the company's growth and eventual buy-out by becoming the first employee to introduce CTO relationships into their business relationships with vendors. Kerr's relationships took Vaco from a general consulting company into a full-fledged Technology resources company now serving over 44 locations across the country.

  • Consultant (including Database Architect, Mobile app developer/architect, and software services)

    2010 - PRESENT

    Kerr has served as an independent consultant with expertise in SQL, PHP, Java, Javascript, HTML, Lua, Objective C and pretty much any software that is popular and in present use.

  • Director of Medical Economics for HealthSpring of Tennessee

    2004 - 2010

    Shortly after moving to Nashville, TN to continue pursuing his music career, Kerr took a short, part-time consulting opportunity with HealthSpring. This small opportunity turned into a burst of corporate success for Kerr where he quickly became the youngest executive to serve in a prestigious upper-management role for this multi-billion dollar healthcare behemoth. At just 27 years old, Kerr was reporting directly to the CEO as Director of Medical Economics where he applied his programming and analytical skills to create analytics and database software never before available for the Healthcare industry. This software propelled HealthSpring into becoming a publicly traded company and eventually served as a foundational pillar for the company being bought by Cigna Healthcare.

  • Director of Marketing and Technology for Morningstar Treatment Services


    Kerr's first professional experience initially arrived as a consultant for a non-profit 501(c)3 organization who served at-risk youth. This consulting effort flourished into a Director of Technology and Marketing role where Kerr was responsible for unifying technology systems, software, developing a web presence, and creating marketing media (static, video, and audio).

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J.W. Kerr

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