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Jonathan Wayne Kerr

JONATHAN KERR is a mix engineer, songwriter, composer, musician, and producer. Kerr began his audio engineering and producer journey in 1998 while pursuing an electronic music and film scoring degree. Kerr later transferred colleges to the University of Georgia where, the same major did not exist. Instead, he took the opportunity to major in Journalism with an emphasis in video production while simultaneously serving as the Lead House Engineer for AMF/Last Call - a popular music venue in Athens. During his time at the University of Georgia, Kerr studied with legendary analog mix engineers from Athens and performed live sound engineering for numerous Billboard Top 10 bands and artists while working with those engineers. Due to the unique timing of Kerr’s journey into engineering, Kerr was able to learn the wonders of the analog recording industry from the veterans while the industry was simultaneously transitioning into digital recording. This is truly a unique and valued aspect of Kerr’s audio foundation.

Kerr has written and produced tracks for a number of industry Gold and Platinum selling hip-hop and country artists. Some of these works include “Deliverance” for Bubba Sparxxx and Fading Slowly for Kip Moore - an ACM, CMA, and CMT award-winning artist with five top-10 Billboard- charting singles including two #1 songs. Deliverance went on to become a #1 Billboard song and was the lead single to Bubba Sparxxx’s sophomore album. Additionally, Kerr’s own composing career led him to create OTR - software that has now become the industry-leading composing tool for orchestral music production for Reaper DAW users.

In addition to the usual suspects of the highest quality audio gear found in Kerr’s studio for mixing, recording, and producing, Kerr’s studio is configured with four Vienna Ensemble Pro servers with a full assortment of premier sample library collections used for film score production and advanced midi orchestration. Kerr is also a multi-instrumentalist able to perform acoustic guitar, electric guitar, dobro, lap steel, mandolin, bass, and synths to any arrangement and production.

Birthday: 9 May 1981

Degree: ABJ, University of Georgia

Family: Georgia (Daughter, 17)





Phone: 615.598.6452

What I Do

Services For Film and Music Production

Film Scoring

Original scores created for Hollywood hits, Indie film circles, television series/pilots, trailers, and documentaries.

Music For Media

Original scores, music, jingles, and underscores created for games, commercials, advertising, radio, social media, and live performances.


Full studio mixing with top of the line equipment, premium hardware, software, and the latest plugins... But most importantly,golden ears.


Kerr will write songs solo, as a ghostwriter, or in collaboration. Kerr feels most at home in the pop, rock, country, indie, and mainstream genres.


Director, writer, producer, engineer, editor, colourist... Kerr has a flare for all-things-audio/visual. Kerr's team can bring together any film project.

Script Writer

Author of 13 books, writer of 4 screenplays/stories, as well as one television pilot, Kerr has a penchant for utilizing his literary skills to the fullest.

Music Production

This is Kerr's original passion where he feels right at home discovering talent and putting together hits that will hopefully climb the charts for each new artist!

Consulting Services

Kerr has consulted in the corporate space as well as working with A-List and up-and-coming composers. Kerr also offers tutoring/coaching sessions.

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J.W. Kerr

Filmmaker, Author, Songwriter/Composer, Musician, Screenwriter, Director, Producer.



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